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Quick-frozen conditioning food is confirmed and loved by more consumers.

Have you ever bought dumplings, pork balls, garlic ribs and other products in the refrigerator, want to eat out of their own cooking, cooking is simple and fast; this type of food is a frozen conditioning food (frozen prepared foods), has become more and more popular with consumers in recent years. This paper mainly introduces the packaged food which is stored, transported and sold in frozen state (the temperature of product center is below-18 ℃) after pre-treatment and preparation and processing, with agricultural products, livestock and poultry, aquatic products as the main raw materials. It is another major category of frozen food after frozen livestock products, frozen poultry products, frozen aquatic products and frozen fruits and vegetables products. The main types of frozen conditioning food are a little heart, divided into meat and meat products, seasoning dishes and so on. The development trend industry is still in the stage of rapid development, and the vertical and horizontal expansion space of the product line is very large. Due to the accelerated pace of social life, meal preparation time and meal time are decreasing, the strong demand for food convenience, and gradually form consumer dependence. To reduce housework time, there is an urgent need for a modern way of life to replace the happiness of family life-the emergence of conditioning food, can partly alleviate the chores, but also save time to enjoy food. The main target customer group of regulating food and family substitute meal is the expanding white-collar class, their life rhythm is fast and has certain consumption ability. Refrigerated enterprises mostly wholesale and retail products through dealers, dealers pay more attention to profits, which cheap to buy which, resulting in lower prices may form a vicious circle; so enterprises should pay more attention to their own sales network, the first time to master market information, control the direction of development. Consumers pay more attention to safety and health and brand, enterprises should establish their own brand to form a virtuous circle. There are three stages in the processing of frozen conditioning food. The first stage is raw material treatment, including washing, selection, thawing, cutting, weighing, preheating, mixing and handling; the second stage is conditioning processing, including molding, filling, decoration and heating; the third stage is freezing and packaging processing, including pre-cooling, freezing, packaging, inspection and storage.